7 Ways Symagrips® Will Take Your Workout To The Next Level

Ever wondered what's been holding you back from stepping your gym game up to the next level? Or perhaps you're not quite achieving the results you want? If so, you might be interested in what Symagrips® can offer you...

You may already be aware that Symagrips® can be used as a weight training tool, with their innovative grip design that fits onto a plethora of items and equipment like barbells and cable attachments, but what does this mean for your workout?

You already know that building muscle, size and strength takes mind/muscle connection, focus, and great technique. Symagrips® unique design helps you achieve all of these factors, enabling you to have the best workout every time.

By offering you the ideal hand position on barbells and gym equipment, Symagrips® enable you to start each rep of each set with optimal technique, quickly and with no fuss.

Benefits To Using Symagrips®

1. Perfect Your Alignment - Symagrips® built-in end discs help you achieve symmetrical lifting and better muscle growth. Push against the end discs during pulling movements, or brace your hands up against the inner discs during pushing movements, to achieve the muscle activation you know you need!

2. Increase Your Lifts - By using Symagrips® to brace your hands during a lift, you can focus on squeezing the hands together, mind/muscle connection and time under tension.

3. Minimise Risk of Injury - Symagrips® help protect against injuries brought about by poor form. The unique design minimises the risk of injury by making each rep and set more stable and secure.

4. Improve Muscular Balance - Symagrips® enable you to push or pull symmetrically, with pressure equally distributed across the bar. Target your muscles and achieve optimal time under tension.

5. Get Rid of Gloves - Gym gloves are old technology. They give inferior protection against calluses, blisters, and sweat, and are the perfect breeding ground for bacteria. Symagrips® with SteriTouch® are always clean and protective. 

6. Additional Confidence - Symagrips® innovative design gives you the confidence that your grip is secure, your hand position is symmetrical, and every rep is clean, comfortable and effective.

7. Additional Hygiene - Symagrips® are protected by SteriTouch®, a leading antimicrobial brand, embedding silver ion technology into any material to prevent the growth pf bacteria and mould for the lifetime of the product, meaning you'll place your own personal hygiene barrier between your hands and the barbells, attachments and equipment.

As you can see, these are some of the many ways that Symagrips® can enhance your workout. If you're interested in seeing what else Symagrips® have to offer, be sure to check out the rest of our website.